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Girl, cover up those legs!

Have I told you about the dress for women in the Middle East? I don’t think I have.

I’m sure you all know that the Arab women are dressed in black abayas. An abaya is a long black cloak that covers the entire body except for the face, feet, and hands. It is also worn with a niqab, which is the head covering. Some of the head coverings show the entire face and just cover the hair, while others cover everything but the eyes, and some even cover the eyes with a sheer piece of black fabric. The women sometimes decorate the abayas with sparkles or embroidered designs around the edges of the sleeves or niqabs. I have even seen a few with fur cuffs!! Now that’s just too fabulous. I guess when that is all that you wear every single day, you have to spice it up somewhat. Now do not go assuming that just because these women wear these black cloaks outside of the house (and even when they are swimming) that they don’t enjoy shopping, fashion, and designer clothing. Under those dark, black veils these women are wearing designer jeans, designer tops, and the most expensive jewelry. However, no one ever sees this clothing unless they are in the privacy of their own homes. But, hey I would probably do the same if I had a lot of money and had to wear black every time I stepped foot outside of my own home.

Now, you may be thinking ‘What does Sarah wear?’. An Abaya with the American flag printed as a border around the cuffs? Nope. But I do have to cover up. Leggings, cardigans, and scarves. No matter what the temperature- 120 degrees Fahrenheit- it still remains the same…leggings, cardigans, and scarves. The leggings- if your dress is at all above your knees. (The challenge with these leggings is that not everything goes with black leggings. I often feel like I just stepped out of an 80s aerobic video.) The cardigans- if your showing too much shoulder. The scarf- if your chest is in the least bit exposed. I have bent the rules a little to fit to my comfort zone and theirs. For example: If I am going out at night I only wear the cardigan until I get inside the bar; I sometimes wear skirts that come slightly above the knee; and I most of the time skip the scarf. (because let’s face it, there’s nothing to see there)

The one thing I have noticed has happened to me over the last four months is that when I do wear something a little short or show a little too much shoulder- I feel really, really uncomfortable. This doesn’t just happen when I am out in public but also happens when I am just around my friends in one of our houses- the need to cover up is still there. I keep wondering if when put back into a non-Muslim setting if I will still feel uncomfortable OR if I will feel glorified to wear shorts in public again. I guess I will find out shortly…

tengok macam pic abaya kat atas ngan kat bawah ni ... yang kat atas tu ade bunge2 ... yang abaya ni siap ngan hooded okeiii ... fesyen sangat moden kannn ??? ... ni kireabaya fesyen dari morocco kalo ade hooded2 ni ...

saye nak beli macam ni ... macam purdah la kalo kat mesia ... tapi takdelah nak pakai camni ... huhu ... saye nak cube pakai camni ... tengok minah2 arab kat cni pakai rilek je dorang ... takde bende pon ... ade yang saye tengok tu siap selubung satu kepala ... tak nampak ape langsung ... yang e2 lagi la saye taknak cube ... kalo offer pon sayer taknak ... hahahahaha ... mau asik tergolek jek kalo saye selubung ... hihihi ... even dorang selubung still leh nampak sbb kat area mata tu ... kain jarang sket la ... sket je ... tak banyak ... huhu ... * tetap takot kalo nampak dorang pakai selubung cmtu okeii ??? *
* im in love wearing abaya ! *

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